Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Finished DIY tree skirt 

I am not a very crafty person, but with pinterest being so popular, it is easier to do more creative things.  I have been drooling over these tree skirts, but I cannot sew to save my life.  I had to find something that did not require sewing.  I found my inspiration here:


and here:

I had some burlap at my house from an amazing friend's left over burlap at her wedding.   I just love burlap right now.  I started out by buying a tree skirt to have a base to glue the fabric strips onto.  

Supplies needed:

-Tree Skirt (I used a $5 felt one from Target)
-Two types of fabric.  (I used burlap already had and purchased a red one with white poka dots from Walmart.  Depends on the type of year how much the fabric is.
-Hot Glue gun (Got one at Walmart)
-Hot glue (you will use a lot of this so make sure to get more than you need or buy as you go).

Warning: this will take a lot longer than you think.  I did this in multiple sittings and days while watching a movie or talking with friends.

You also have to cut the fabric into strips.  We just used the length of my thumb to my hand because I am not the greatest with measurements.

I had my amazing sister in law Amberly helped me get started and gave pointers.  She cut the ruffled edge so it was a circle and easier to put the fabric on.

Super excited to have started the first red row.  I found it helpful to have a magazine or shopping ad on the tree skirt to rest the hot glue gun on.  Also, the glue is very stringy and can get on the skirt.  So make sure to watch that.

Loving the project lol.

Burlap was a lot trickier.  Amberly is helping me here.  You have to hold down the burlap after to make sure it holds.  I used the scissors and just set them on top after I glued.

Rudy decided to help me by sitting in the middle.

Rudy soaking up the sun

Working hard.  Please ignore the post black friday mess and my choice of outfit.

I glued each ruffle section three times.  One underneath onto the felt tree skirt.

The second is glueing the ruffle on the bottom 

The third is in between the fold ruffle.  I am holding it down here.  Make sure it is cooling off before you burn your finger.  I did that a couple times.

Almost done 

Finished project.  FINALLY!

Final project and loved it!  It was well worth the hours put in.


  1. Just found your blog from Pinterest and love it. I want to do one this year, I said that last year as well, but, I'll do it this year! Great job!

  2. Your DIY Christmas Tree Skirt has been featured at Our Secondhand House today as part of a DIY Christmas Decoration post. I hope you will stop by to check it out.

  3. Thank you Joann! That means a lot! Thanks Caroline! Bonnie, I cannot believe you featured my Christmas tree skirt DIY. That is awesome! I will definitely stop by!

  4. How much burlap did you need?

  5. Yes, I wanted to ask the same thing... how many yards of burlap did you use?

  6. Hello Anonymous and Anonymous! I was trying to figure out how much you both would need. I received the burlap for free from a friends wedding. She used them as table runners and gave me four. I still had some burlap left over and you can always do something fun with extra burlap. I asked Amberly and she said at least 6 yards as she was helping me and estimated. Some other people that have made skirts said around 4 but it really depends on how many layers you want to add. You can always buy less but know you might have to go back to the store or buy more if it is a great deal and use them for other projects if you don't use it. Or sell it online as people love burlap! I hope this helps in some way. I never thought people would actually read my blog for tips lol so this was just a fun way for me to post. Thanks for reading and asking questions!